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Rare alignment coming between Venus, the Sun and the Earth

Ken Tapping's weekly astrophysical column from Herzberg Institute

Wilf Miller ponders

Anecdotal stories from Keremeos resident Wilf Miller
Canada Geese forage

Canada Geese forage

Geese forage for food after late season snowfall on Saturday

Saturday March 31 at 1 p.m. in the Ecumenical Church, the museum society will be hosting a social afternoon.

Keremeos museum society will be hosting a social afternoon.

Improving space weather forecasting techniques critical to our information age

Weekly astrophysical column from Ken Tapping at DRAO

Celebrating the past: 25 years of progress

Preparations continue for 25th anniversary celebration as Rick Hansen returns to Keremeos

Tony Dawson’s adventures in Tanzania continue

New posts on Tony’s Big Adventure from Tony Dawson of Cawston

Wilf Miller has another tale to tell

Well known Keremeos resident Wilf Miller tells a story about his first encounter with an automobile

Cosmic mechanics explain motion of heavenly bodies

Ken Tapping's weekly astrophysics column from the Herzberg Institute
Keremeos woman finds something worth sewing for

Keremeos woman finds  something worth sewing for

Erma Turcotte wanted to do something to help someone else.