We need to say no to increasing public spending

Reading about how our “Carbon Tax” (Gas Tax) ($250,000) is being doled out has really got me steamed up

To the Editor:

Reading about how our “Carbon Tax” (Gas Tax) ($250,000) is being doled out has really got me steamed up, I find it impossible to agree that we the tax payer should be penalized so RDOS can throw our money over the bank on such stupidity as paving the section of KVR Trail between OK Falls and Kaleden.

First thing to consider is like every other form of exercise, does this mean that I may have to pay for other initiatives RDOS deems important? Essential services is one thing, this is both stupid and controlling.

Who benefits most from these community privileges, if it’s the business man then let him do the paying, if it’s the village then they should foot the bill, but there is no way in hell that I should be forced to pay through “Carbon Tax” for something I neither want nor use.

Roads, hydro, telephone service, medical, etc., I can support because we all use these services, but frills like this should be left up to the service clubs to generate these costs from membership fees, fund raisers and such.

When did wilderness trails become paved accesses that can now be questioned for safety and proper construction, who will be liable in the case of injury, does the RDOS have to maintain liability insurance for the operation of this trail, what else will add to the cost?

And to make matters even worse, RDOS has improved their own remunerations justifying this by using consumer price indexing factors. (A bunch of bull).

We continue to slowly move backwards by allowing these decisions made by various groups to go un-questioned and support them by not saying “no”.

The RDOS, like Trans-link in the Lower Mainland should be abolished and dumped, the only known good either of them provide is “employment” for those working there. The municipalities in each area could do a far better job at a fraction of the cost.

Dumb and stupid remain just that, no matter what order they are arranged, so if we want better and things that make sense, then we must start speaking out.

Darryl R. Brewer,