Unsightly premises bylaw undemocratic

To the Editor:

There was something wrong in the process of implementation of local bylaw 2521 (Unsightly Premises).

There were no public meetings, only a mail in questionnaire, which has resulted in new taxes and new bureaucracies, both of which we have too many of already.

We pay a multitude of taxes; we do not need another.


It is a bad precedent to set a mail in questionnaire being turned into new taxes.

As a governing body, though, that is good business.


I feel that as a result of this bylaw;

– My freedom to enjoy my property has been violated.

– More herbicides are being applied.

– Nutritional plants high in food value are being categorized as noxious and are now forbidden.

– Opinions of two people, who could live up to 60 kilometres away, can start a process which may result in the forfeiture of your property.

This is not a bylaw, this is a crime.

Section eight is a very bad example of this bylaw.

Paul Bucmer, Hedley