Trash talk from Olalla

Gosh !   Sure shows what I know?

I knew Walter Despot was Mayor of the Village of Keremeos but it appears he may wear many hats such as the Keremeos Regional District Director.

I have met Mr. Despot at one of his “Coffee with the Mayor” sessions that had four people in attendance – all from Olalla.

My wife and I  chose to retire in the beautiful valley of Olalla without the faintest idea the guns of minor porko’s were being aimed at the pocket books of we who reside in the tranquility of an outside world.

Yes, Mr. Mayor and Director Walter Despot it was our choice to reside here without a whole lot of infrastructure – a  corner store or Wal-Mart .

I may be naive, but isn’t your Village of Keremeos further away from the household garbage dump site than Olalla ?

Area “C” Director Allen Patton may have taken exception to Flo Winfrey saying that the directors were arrogant. – perhaps Allan you are not arrogant  but Area “G”  has one that fits the description to a “T” in Elef Christensen.

From his election, Elef has refused the invitation to come and meet some of the residents in Olalla while too busy playing “Santa Claus “  games behind the scenes that are not amusing to this Olalla Fella.

One of the latest of Elef’s carrots is to knock five bucks off our exorbitant water bill as leaks are found and fixed in such a decrepit system that my roadside

shut off is nowhere to be found.

Then Elef claimed for one dollar a year, thanks to the owner of the Olalla mobile home park – residents can have their very own hole in the ground to erect our very own bulletin board – for what , I have no idea – other than to put the Keremeos Review out of business.

I urge the residents of Olalla to unite and do a business plan on the cost of buying – operating and licensing our own vehicle for the pick up and disposal of Olalla only – household garbage etc…

The  price of pick up to be determined and agreed upon by we, the residents of Olalla – without interference in the form of an an absentee director?

Yes, Walter Despot, we may live in Olalla by choice but our bucks are spent in Keremeos and Penticton.

There is little thought from you wannabe high rollers who wear many hats of giving back a few crumbs to the residents of Olalla ?

Tom  Isherwood, Olalla