Simple replacement parts not so simple to obtain

I feel very strongly that the newspaper could do the public a great service by sharing this letter.

To the Editor:

I feel very strongly that the newspaper could do the public a great service by sharing this letter.

Even though the weather hasn’t been great, the warmth of the sun will arrive and the urge for many folks to buy a swimming pool will drive them to a place of horror.

My horror started,  unknown to me, at  a local big box store where I purchased a metal frame above ground  swimming pool with a deluxe salt water system.

Happiness was – until this vinyl and metal monster was released from its home in the big box.

The first thing to catch the eye was the notice “Do not return product to store”- but contact Intex Corp. the supplier in California, if you needed parts or  technical support.

The  cheap pool cover had taken a beating from the wind in 2011 and I ordered same from Intex – the cost of the pool cover was $30, shipping charge $31 – doubling the cost of a cover that is  also kaput – it would be easier to tie a Kangaroo down, boy.

Well I noticed the need for a new step washer as I set the pool up for the hopefully upcoming summer.

The small washer  maybe worth a buck or two at the most ?

With out this measly washer the entire salt water circulation system acts similar to a broken water main put  out of service.

I got quite angry at the big box store and was befriended by the rare case of a knowledgeable employee, with whom I have dealt with over the years.

He decided to order a washer and indeed phoned Intex, placed the order and all appeared fine – that was three weeks ago, and even the Giant W  big box is still waiting.

If you don’t want to create a  personal nightmare  and drown in your own tears – then please heed what I’m saying and stay away from the corporate disease which plagues the big W box and me.

P.S. I tried to find a step washer locally, but most contacts knew nothing about what I was talking about.

I decided to phone California and order a plunger valve that came complete with O ring and step washer and eventually got to talk to a human voice.

I paid by Visa the cost of shipping and handling on May  31, and I am still waiting to see if my order arrives before the step washer gets to  the Big W.

Tom Isherwood,  Olalla