Similkameen trails society looking for new leadership

Plea for volunteers for Similkameen trails group

Dear caring folk of the Similkameen:

Please tell me you’ve not forgotten, you were my friends and you helped us create the first public promenade in the Okanagan.

I think you did this not for me, so much as for your children and their children and because you wished to see our valley keep its unique rustic atmosphere and saw our concept as a way to enjoy a stroll along the river.

I’m sorry it’s been a long time coming and I’m sorry to be such a nuisance, but nobody ever showed me how to give up until the job was properly done; and it ain’t done yet! But a few good honest folks and district authorities are still working at it; trying to clear the way for us to walk, ride a horse or bike down the dike to Cawston.

So why do I need to bother you? Well we are facing a changing of the guards. The chairman and president of our society Dave Cursons,  has served his turn, so we must find a new leader, and also our much maligned and loyal supporter, Mayor Despot who supported us all along the way and took stick for us; is taking a well earned rest. We need to show the new guards, whoever they may be, that we want to retain the concept of a recreation and wildlife corridor along or close to the river, we need them to support us and show that our membership is large enough to be politically significant.  We are required to elect new officers in November according to our legally filed constitution. The 17th has been proposed

Our constitution is:

– To promote and enhance the trails of the Similkameen.

– To raise funds necessary for trails stewardship.

– To promote courtesy to stakeholders and respect the environment.

– To cooperate with stakeholders and all levels of government .

Please reply to confirm your membership so I can update our records or to apply for membership. Phone 250-499-2383.

Thank you so much for your time.

Joe Littlefield, Keremeos