Safety improvements to corner of 7th and 7th in Keremeos are inconsequential

Whose idea was it to put a stop sign on the corner of Seventh Street and Seventh Avenue

To the Editor:

Whose idea was it to put a stop sign on the corner of Seventh  Street and Seventh Avenue for people coming down the hill and turning westbound.

Some people stop, some don’t. some slow

down, some get tickets on holiday weekends, good way to make money fast. The big trucks still take the two lanes to turn, going west. Come holidays with lots of traffic, it will back up to the Hilltop.

What changed except for the tickets given out when caught?  I have seen big trucks fly through the intersection like before and realize the error when they get to the sewer plant. This usually happens at night, maybe they can’t see the signs because of the poor lighting. Nothing has changed except for the money grab. One hundred and seventy-eight dollars for not stopping, better watch it. Hey, maybe  they need to pay for the improvements somehow?

Since law enforcement can’t be there all the time,  maybe you could install a camera to catch everyone not stopping.

It could pay for the camera, too.

Betty Hansen, Keremeos