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Olalla resident discusses smart meters

Recently, I have become more and more interested in this smart meter infiltration into our society

To the Editor:

Recently, I have become more and more interested in this smart meter infiltration into our society. The very fact that the World Health Organization has been ignored. Their warnings of the electromagnetic fields being dangerous to the health and welfare of all people, particularly all children and those with a compromised immune system, as well as the elderly. W.H.O.  compares these EMF’s to Class B carcinogens, such as DDT and asbestos contamination. “In fact, the truth regarding the biological effects of radio frequency radiation has been heavily suppressed with all means possible, except criminal ones,” states Professor Franz Adlkofer, coordinator of European Communities Reflex report.

In my opinion, this B.C. Utilities Commission is ignoring their own mission statement, to ensure that ratepayers receive safe energy services. The power companies, Fortis B.C. and B.C. Hydro are perpetuation continuous misinformation about the safe application and safe operation of these smart meters. There is a growing roar of objection to this misinformation from reliable, well-educated resources, as well as consumers of the electric power. Many   of these people suffer ill health from EMF equipment and fixtures.

Fortis BC stated in a letter to me that “Significant financial savings to customers, over the life of the project” would be realized. The writer must have been “singing from the wrong song sheet” so to speak. Several Ontario sources complain of much higher electrical billings, since the smart meter was installed. Also, high billing for “off peak” useage (i.e. washer and dryer used at 2 a.m.) which was to be a lower rate than during peak day time rates. Fortis also states, “Immediate detection of power outages thereby allowing for more effective restoration of electricity to customers.” This seems to be reasonably handled now, without smart meters. Electrical theft does cause considerable problems, safety risks, etc.

Why should all consumers be treated as potential criminals? Very few wish to steal  electrical power, and wouldn’t know how. Can’t this be monitored through the accounting and billing departments, as well as the meter reading staff’s observation of vacant buildings?  It is time for Hydro and Fortis to become accountable to the public. Please use investigating techniques before implicating anyone or all of us.

Fortis and BC Hydro - has it not occurred to you that by connecting all of the consumers together in a grid, that this alone could become an excellent opportunity for a mass terrorist attack? Or a simple criminal trespass? Just by recording personal activity in the homes, real criminals could plan home invasion or robbery, by hacking into a grid system. Have you planned for the now “sitting duck” EMF customers to be protected?  I don’t think so. In my opinion, we seem to be facing more criminality from within these organizations, than from the occasional electrical theft.

This brings further into the privacy issue, which has been totally ignored, in my opinion, by all the corporations pushing for the use of the smart meter. With Remembrance Day we honour those brave men and women who fought for us to have the freedoms we enjoy every day. The use of these smart meters by Fortis and BC Hydro pose considerable risk to privacy “ states an EU data watchdog (BBC News Technology).” We are so close to losing the freedom of tranquil peace and privacy in our own homes. The European Data Protection  Supervisor voices concern over teh potential intrusiveness of these smart meters that can track everything that family members do in the privacy and sanctity of the home, that we cherish. Remember, information gathered through these smart meters can have high commercial value. Marketing firms would like to know consumers sleeping patterns, foods that are being consumed, devices or tools being used. The corporations apparently think that our daily lives are for sale, to the highest global bidder. Why are we under attack? Well, why not? Globally, we Canadians appear to be wealthy, apathetic and ignorant to the possibility of domination of our democracy, freedom, and personal privacy. We appear to be “cash cows” waiting to be milked. Once our personal privacy becomes a marketable entity, the next reason that comes to mind, is of course, money to the corporations, and control over our lives as well. All we have fought  for and hold dear will be gone.


In my opinion, both Fortis and BC Hydro are top heavy in expensive executives whose stipends could be impossible to pay. So, perhaps, the utility commissioner could recommend that these expensive executives be retired, immediately - and told to take their devilish meters with them. We do not need either of them!  In my opinion, these so called smart meters are tantamount to old Gestapo tactics, only this time, it is technological spying into our freedom and precious privacy.  In other words, if smart meters are promoted, I see ongoing and further degradation of democracy, as well as the promotion of a possible police state with corporate control. This opinion is not the only one out there. As a public, we must stand up and stop smart meters, immediately! Our media seems to be stifled. Use the computer - Google, social media, etc. Get educated! In my opinion, knowledge will keep us free, and is a force for maintaining our freedom. There is strength in numbers. I urge everyone who enjoys our freedom, privacy and democracy to stand up and  be counted!

Flo Winfrey, Olalla



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