Majority of residents supportive of national park

I am responding to the recent online article “Park Debate Flaring Up Again.”

To the Editor:

I am responding to the recent online article “Park Debate Flaring Up Again.”

We at the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society are pleased that progress is being made on the national park feasibility study process, despite what a few local “no” folks are saying.  We thank Parks Canada for their recent collaborations with the First Nations and local landowners about the potential benefits of a national park.

We find the position of Canadian Helicopters frustrating as they have been repeatedly told by the federal government, in writing, that their operations will not be effected by the national park, and with the revised park concept their landing site on Snowy is not even included in the proposed park, yet they continue to put forward misinformation to the public.

Regarding the much-touted LRMP by the ‘no’ group, it was an excellent process that might have resulted in a national park, but a national park was not being considered at the time.  It is important that your readers know that the provincial government is no longer funding implementation or monitoring of the local LRMP (or any of the protected areas) so there haven’t been meetings in over a year, nor are any planned.  A national park will bring millions of dollars and a significant number of local jobs into local communities – yet another reason why the national park would be positive for regional land use planning!

We continue to believe that the majority of regional people support the national park.

Chloe O’Loughlin, CPAWS