Looking for common sense leadership on Nov.19

Reader is hopeful that common sense will prevail at the ballot box this Saturday

To the Editor:

Many natives served in the armed forces in World Wars I and II, and also in the Korean war. Some of these soldiers were killed overseas and some returned with injuries received while fighting for Canada. In respect of their memory surely they and their families have a right to vote. There is a lot of misconstued information out there. Everyone pays HST.

Did you know there are less than 1,800 people in Area “G,” and 55 per cent of them are seniors or school children.

Nobody has a magic wand and there is only so much funding available.

I hope we don’t get another white elephant costing seven or eight million and then some. The reservoir project was already voted against by the people re the Alternative Approval Process. Doesn’t anybody listen? Failure on the part of elected officials to listen to the people has caused serious financial problems in other communities and cities. Foolish spending is a hindrance to other needed projects, There are many other worthy projects that could use a bit  of funding in this area. For much less than seven million we could have some low cost housing, museum and Grist Mill improvements, mosquito and flood control and follow up work in Olalla and on the Similkameen, and there could be some extra gas or diesel generators at some of the wells if needed.

I hope we get someone with some common sense in this elelction on Nov. 19, so exercise your right to vote. Last I heard it was still a free country.

L. Lamb, Keremeos