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Letter: If Penticton had millions for bike lane, why not buy Bogner’s for housing?

Missed opportunity for the city to provide some affordable housing in downtown Penticton
Built-in 1915, Bogner’s restaurant will be torn down and turned into a three-storey office. (Monique Tamminga Western News)

Dear Editor,

I was very sorry and disappointed to read council’s decision about Bogner’s being turned into an office. However as mayor and council keep pointing out we are in dire need of affordable housing. So why then is this property not designated for this purpose?

It is located in a residential neighbourhood and a housing development would certainly fit in much better than an office complex. We don’t need office space but we certainly need affordable housing.

Also the mayor seems worried about the cost of compensation to the owner. Since previous mayor and council spent millions of dollars building bicycle lanes without input from taxpayers I’m sure taxpayers would not be too upset about this expense if it had occurred.

Joan Eschbach


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