Legion says thanks for the opportunity to win upgrades

Service group thanks community for help in winning Fortis contest

To the Editor:

The Keremeos Legion would like to give an extra large thank you to the Village of Kermeos, Fortis Power, and most of all the citizens of Keremeos who helped us win the Fortis Earth Hour Challenge.

We consumed the least amount of power per household equal to community size. It was then left up to the village to make a decision as to who would get the grant to upgrade energy systems.The winner had to be a non-profit organization and give back to the community, so the village decided to give it to the Legion.

We are truly thankful for this grant. With the grant money we were able to purchase a heat pump, which will lower our heating and cooling costs. In turn, this will help to keep us afloat and be able to continue supporting our community.

So, now during the cold of winter or the heat of summer, you will now be able to enjoy your favourite beverage or a social event at the Legion in comfort.

Thanks to each and every one involved in this process. We truly appreciate all you have done for us to win this.

Sincerely yours in comradeship,

Beverly Ramazove, President,

Branch 192, Keremeos