Lack of respect for private landowners’ rights

Olson points to the fact that several parcels of private land have been sold...really....what a concept...isn’t that our right?

To the Editor:

The more letters Doreen Olson writes regarding the National Park the more desperate she seems to sound.

She really has a total disregard for the intelligence of the general public and readers of the newspaper. She simply cannot point to one example of a crown land  disposal that has affected our valley and it’s flora and fauna…none that I’m aware of.

Further to this, what happens in the United States is none of our business. A declaration of protection upon private land is beyond ludicrous. You and I worked hard to own what we have and we already have regulatory bodies to deal with, even on private land.

Regarding us looking after our private land so well there is no need for smoke blowing in that direction.  As a steward of the land I no longer allow naturalists or bird watchers on my property as I had done before.  The last time I let them on to view birds I received a one half inch thick document from the government stating I had some delicate bird habitat….I knew that already, but alas they are not permitted back…pretty sad.

Olson points to the fact that several parcels of private land have been sold…really….what a concept…isn’t that our right?   Then she asks what the new owner’s intentions are on their private land…I know the answer to that already…none of your business!

And then just as a joke she adds… “will they allow trespass”…do you allow trespassing on your private property Doreen….I don’t on mine.  As far as protection for the landscape the only truthful thing she has to say is that the national park is not a “perfect solution”….thankfully we have the guidlines from the LRMP for that!

Ernie Marven,  Cawston