Hedley resident upset with cell tower decision

it appears Ms Woods did not make a motion to accept our cell phone tower petition and have the board issue a letter of concurrence

To the Editor:

To the fine people of Hedley. it appears Ms Woods, our elected Area “G” Director, has screwed us again. She did not make a motion to accept our cell phone tower petition and have the board issue a letter of concurrence to Industry Canada to support the “go ahead” for a cell tower in Hedley on the Telus site.

I find it totally baffling that she did not do this as she certainly used a smaller petition to block the tower. Our petition held over 200 names if you counted the overwhelming vote for, by the U.S.I.B. Ms. Woods originally said that with such a close vote between yay and nay, using petition against and standard lands open house numbers which were for, she asked the rural directors to hold off on their decision until a secret vote was taken by her. This was on March 8 and since has done diddly squat about it. This is why the petition for the tower was taken as she was doing nothing.

I wonder why a secret vote needs to be taken. This is not a money issue so only property owners voting is crap. One of the biggest user groups of cell phones are teenagers, so surely since the money is coming from Telus and not taxpayers everyone should have a say. She refuses to act on the wishes of a majority of the people of Hedley.

In a letter she stated that she had been told  that residents have been afraid to share their views because of possible harm coming to them from residents who have a different view. I request her to share the number of people who offered that opinion. That is pure psycho-babble and is used way to often as an excuse. Give your head a shake,  Ms. Woods. It certainly appears to me that you and a small group of your like minded buddies are coming up with any and all excuses to stop Hedley from leaving the Dark Ages. If the petition for is not acted on for the letter of concurrence, but was stopped because of the against petition I believe that Ms. Woods sense of democracy is delusional. So in ending my letter I wonder if Ms.Woods should be our elected official as Area “G”Director  because it seems she is not competent to do her job. She does not know better than the majority.

Thank you,

Don Armstrong, Hedley