Green party leaders opinions on National Park not welcome

To the Editor:

To Elizabeth May – Green  Party leader

The National Park in the Okanagan – Similkameen is not needed or wanted by local people.

You have no right to put your opinion or your party’s in local print. If the Green Party had its way, all of Canada would be a park and we would have to just sit in our living rooms.

Have you ever even come and talked to the local people that would be forever impacted? No.

Do you know the final boundaries? No.

Do you know the final costs for fencing or policing? No.

Do you know the devastation to our way of life? No.

Did you know that the First Nations are against this park and have put “No National Park” on their own signs.

Did you know  there are thousands of signs on all highways around the proposed park? No.

Did you know that Parks Canada takes reservations for camp sites, so now locals won’t even have a chance to get in? No.

Did you know that Parks Canada will not come back to Keremeos because they got such a negative response from the local people.


I would ask you to mind your own business. You are uniformed, gullible and  naive.

We don’t want a park in our backyard.


Pat Sanderson, Cawston