First new year’s resolution is to be kind to yourself

Some methods might be better than others when it comes to fulfilling new year's resolutions

The New Year has begun and with that, new year’s resolutions for many of us.

It’s been said that new year’s resolutions are much like babies – they are fun to make, but extremely difficult to maintain.

In fact, statistics say one in three of us make one or more new years resolutions.

Unfortunately, only 75 per cent of us are still on track to maintaining those new standards a week into the new year, and after six months, only 46 per cent of those who pledged to better themselves are still committed.

Jacqueline Hurst is a Great Britain based, Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP  (Neuro Linguistic Practitioner) Master Practitioner. She offers seven tips that might offer hope to those who have been trying for years, without success, to make good on personal change.

Hurst says change always begins “by being kinder to yourself, and by implementing, small attainable, measurable goals.”

1. Goal set. Short goals are much easier to achieve and put a person in a more positive frame of mind.

2. Make your goals realistic. Make your expectations of your goals realistic too.

3. Make your  goals public and  find support from their friends.

4. Any goal you set for yourself should be done in a really kind, gentle way. In other words, get yourself a far kinder internal dialogue.

5. Starting any goal by saying you will “stop” doing something means you are ultimately telling yourself you are going to take something away from yourself. It’s a bit like dieting, when we deny ourselves, we rebel.

6. Get your thought process correct. Positive self talk will always end up with positive results.


7. It is often better to focus on health rather than things like weight. Health is something that is much more important than the size of your bum, and actually feels far more rewarding.