Editorial doesn’t explain the real truth about meeting

Reader disputes editorial conclusions of all candidates meeting in Keremeeos

To the Editor:

I am sure by now the fine folks of Keremeos are aware of our love for one another and suggest that we both come out of the closet and tell the truth…

Let’s talk about the Review’s latest editorial first, titled “They Know.”

What do they know? You really think that the residents of Keremeos and the Lower Similkameen showed once again that their political interest and awareness exceeds the average for most Canadians?

I scratched my head and thought to myself,  this editorial must be right about something here, and yes, it came to me. The All Candidates Forum was tightly run..Very tight… thanks to the host organization Similkameen “We Three Kings” Country…

Where, why and how was it, that you strayed into never never land?  Well, it’s just a guess, just my opinion, but I think it was a combination of your Uncle Walter and brother Bauer that led your mind “afear”… I guess the fear to do something good for all the people who live here would amount to free enterprise where the “click” would lose their monopoly over their turfs… that would mean happy, healthy competition. We can’t have that now.. .Can we?

To expose yourself to me by insinuating any one candidate could introduce a new concept and how to pay for it in one minute had missed their opportunity to define their candidacy. Really…

Concluding that all those candidates who advocated a steady, thoughtful continuation of “The status Quo” lets face it … That’s the click we want gone… Further more you… the one who writes this puppet editorial writes, (quote)  “Those  advocating change, we feel, missed their opportunity to define their candidacy”

Really – who are your puppet masters?

Upon reading this week’s paper, Wednesday, November 9, I see you have published most of the candidates questions and answers posed by the Black Press Review. Is there a reason why I had to ask several times to be included in this process. That’s okay, I got a copy of the questions at 3:55 p.m., Thursday before the long weekend. I can appreciate that you always tell me on Mondays there is not enough room for me this week, so I will publish my questions and answers and post them on Me n’ BokBoks window with free hand-outs and in those hand outs I will talk openly and honestly about other topics I’m sure the community would like to be informed about..

Do you and your cronies really think that packing 100 people out of 5000 plus people for a one and only bla bla bla session with 17 contestants in a 2 1/2 hour period affords us the knowledge to make an informed intelligent vote November 19?

Give me a break.. .


As always, your third best friend, Frank Kennedy, Olalla