Xeriscape to reduce water consumption

Keremeos Irrigation District water info bulletin

The South Okanagan and Similkameen valleys are part of the only desert in all of Canada, and the plant life here is unique. By using the local flora and fauna in your landscapes, you can create beautiful gardens that thrive in the conditions of the Similkameen.

This process is known as xeriscaping and it produces the easiest landscapes to maintain. Firstly, because the local plants are resistant to all the pests, fungi and disease native to this area, this lowers the costs of chemical solutions to these problems.

Secondly, these plants have evolved for life in the desert and are able to flourish with less water, reducing the amount of water needed and the time you have to spend watering them. The local plants are also well suited to grow in the sandy soil, which allows you to have a great looking yard without having to work on improving your soil base.

You may be skeptical about being able to produce a beautiful landscape using Xeriscaping but there are wonderful examples that may be viewed. Most people will agree that a yard full of cactuses and sage brush is not particularly attractive, however the Similkameen offers a surprisingly diverse selection of beautiful plants.


A xeriscape garden can showcase the beauty of the Okanagan-Similkameen and how the plants can compliment one another in a dazzling show, while being water efficient. If you are planning to landscape or renew your existing landscaping anytime in the near future, visit a local nursery and ask them to show you the possibilities of a xeriscaped lawn.

– Keremeos Irrigation District