Volunteer’s efforts at farmworkers campground appreciated

Volunteer commitment merits recognition over farmworkers campground

Volunteer commitment merits recognition










As of Oct. 16, the farmworkers campground closed its operation located past the cement plant outside of Keremeos. It is unlikely it will re-open in the near future at this location. There is talk about relocating it to Cawston however it will be done through means other than through our Campground Society. This was a trial to see if this camp was needed and if it helped the work force and farmers in the agricultural industry.

At this time I would like to extend much appreciation to those who made the effort to make a difference in this endeavor and without their help this service could not have happened. First off I would extend a thank you to our committee members who spent their time and effort at meetings and in implementing the campground. Thank you to the BCFGA, RDOS Area “G” and “B.” the Village of Keremeos, for its monetary support, advisory and other assistance during the operation of the camp. There was also financial help from SOOPA, SWA along with donations from Sally and Wilfred Mennell, Tony Dawson, Signz, and Mark’s Septic.

I want to make mention of a few people who went above and beyond to help with the efforts in the clean up of the campground, Lucy Hodge who managed a crew while I was unable to do so without her help it would not have happened. Kevin Demchuck who volunteered his time, energy and truck for loading and hauling all the debris from the camp to the dump and for Marc Lepage for his continued support throughout the two years who hung in there and gave his time and expertise welding for camp as well as helped with the clean up at the camp.

To all the people who helped support the camp one way or the other you know who you are and to anyone that I have missed for your patience in this trial I thank you. I believe with the help of the various government agencies, political factions, farmers and volunteers there will be an even better solution to this issue. I thank all the people who have suggested ideas to me and hope this dialog will continue until we find a better solution for all concerned.