RDOS landfill tipping fees to rise in March

RDOS has proposed raising landfill refuse fees from the current $55 per metric tonne to $65 per metric tonne at RDOS Sanitary Landfills


The RDOS has proposed raising landfill refuse fees from the current $55 per metric tonne to $65 per metric tonne at the Campbell Mountain, Oliver, Okanagan Falls and Keremeos Sanitary Landfills. Changes to the Landfill Tipping Fee bylaw will be presented at the March 1 RDOS board meeting.

Refuse fees are applied to materials that are buried in the landfill. Any fees for reusable, recyclable or compostable materials brought to RDOS landfills are not affected by this rate change.

Don Hamilton, RDOS Solid Waste Facilities Coordinator, recommended the rate increase. In his report he indicated there are a number of costly infrastructure projects required by the province at local landfills.

“Our mandate is to fund local landfills wherever possible on a user-pay basis,” explains Hamilton. “In other words those that use up valuable landfill space pay for it. Without this rate increase we will require other funding sources such as taxation or raising rates for recyclables or compostables”.

Hamilton states that in neighbouring regional districts the average charge is $72 per metric tonne for refuse. The Town of Osoyoos already charges $65 per metric tonne at the Osoyoos Sanitary Landfill.

In a recent report on the full life cycle costs of the Campbell Mountain Landfill, it was projected that the refuse fees should continue to rise over the next few years to about $85 a metric tonne.

“By raising fees incrementally we can annually assess our revenue and costs and adjust fees and services accordingly,” says Hamilton.

As a way to save money, residents and businesses are asked to recycle and reuse. All small household appliances such as hair dryers, kettles and toaster ovens can now be recycled in B.C. A resident or business that recycles will save money compared to a neighbour or competitor who throws everything in the garbage.

The RDOS will be sending out a ‘Reuse, Recycle & Safe Disposal Guide’ at the end of February. The guide will detail where residents and businesses can recycle small appliances, electronics, batteries and a huge assortment of other items in their community. For more information on local recycling or reuse opportunities contact the Recycling Council of BC at 1-800-667-4321 or the RDOS Solid Waste Department at 250-490-4129 or toll free at 1-877-610-3737.