RDOS briefs

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Petition Regarding Prison Proposal




The Regional District Board received a petition regarding the proposed prison in Penticton, as well as a letter regarding the prison proposal.

In commenting on the 3,450 name petition, Electoral Area “F” Director Michael Brydon noted that the majority of his constituents had no economic interest in a prison based in Penticton.

“I feel we are being painted into a corner  by the province to locate it in a desireable area – it should be put in a more undesireable location – is there any way to ask the province to be more reasonable?”

Princeton Director Randy MacLean said that he felt like he was being sold a bill of goods by the Solicitor General’s office during the prison discussions.

“They sold us this wonderful idea – I don’t think there is a suitable location in town. The outlying areas are much more suitable.”

Osoyoos Director Stu Wells informed the board that a strong application by the Osoyoos Indian band was being considered by the province at the band’s new industrial park just north of Oliver.

“There is no opposition to it, it is shovel ready and I believe is on a shortlis of three locations being considered,” Wells told the board.




2011 General Local Government Election Bylaw No. 2552



In 2008 the Province approved amendment to the local government election legislation which included the ability for mail-in ballots to be available to persons who expect to be absent from the regional district on general voting day and at the times of all advance voting opportunities.

RDOS directors indicated that they would like to explore including the ability for constit-uents to use mail-in ballots. At the February 17, 2011 Corporate Services Committee meeting, staff were directed to amend the Regional District Election bylaw to provide for mail-in ballot opportunities.

Those wishing to vote by mail in ballot must apply to do so. Only residents of B.C. qualify for mail in balloting.

Currently, Electoral Area “D” is the only area where an additional voting opportunity is required. The additional opportunity has been identified as the Saturday immediately preceding general voting day. The hours for this additional day have been identified as 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The bylaw addresses the mail ballot voting process and identifies persons who reside in East Gate Manning Park of Electoral Area ‘H’ as people who may use mail ballot voting due to their remote location.

The Board adopted Bylaw No. 2552.




A transit review looking at the possibilty of service to outlying areas of Penticton is underway.


The Request For Proposals for the regional district 911 dispatch service is out, as is the regional trails master plan RFP.