Proper application saves water


Even in the heat of the Similkameen summers, it is possible to maintain a fresh, lively green lawn by only using one to two inches of water per week.

The largest obstacle in maintaining a green lawn in the Similkameen is the sandy/rocky soil, which cannot retain the majority of the water that is applied. Water flows right through the sandy soil to depths that the roots of your grass cannot absorb from. Over watering is not only wasteful but it can weaken the root system of your lawn, as the roots grow closer to the surface  they are more susceptible to the suns rays.

The solution to this however, is relatively simple. Mixing in organic matter such as lawn clippings or mulch with the soil increases the water retaining capabilities of the soil, allowing you to get great results from less water.

Watering once a week, applying one inch of water all at once ensures deep root growth, which produces grass that is more efficient in the summer heat. To monitor your watering, place an empty tuna can within the area that you are sprinkling (Not during the restricted hours, of course). Once the can is full to the brim there has been a minimum of an inch of water applied to that area of your lawn and you should turn off your sprinkler.

By using these tips you can maintain the lawn of your dreams in the easiest and most efficient way, and still abide by the watering restrictions.