Dr. David Van de Vosse is the new family doctor in Keremeos. (Robin Grant-Review Staff)

Dr. David Van de Vosse is the new family doctor in Keremeos. (Robin Grant-Review Staff)

New family doctor in Keremeos

Dr. David Van de Vosse says practicing rural medicine is multifacted

The newest family physician in Keremeos started at the village clinic on Sept. 1.

Dr. David Van de Vosse, who is taking on new patients and those without a family doctor, said he practices a patient-centred approach.

His philosophy, he said, is that health care should focuse on individual patients and his job is to give them information so they can make decisions that suit them best.

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“I feel that a patient-centred approach is certainly what I do and my role is more of an advisor as opposed to someone who comes up with the treatment plan,” he said. “It’s someone who says, ‘This is what we believe is happening. These are our options. What best suits your lifestyle and your beliefs and how can we manage that?’

“I think our role as a family doctor is to help facilitate or advocate for their health interest and whatever that might be, whether it’s quitting smoking or a lifestyle change or social or mental health illness to a terminal life-ending illness and to help them navigate the system as well as provide the best evidence and information so that they can make the decision that is right for them whether they choose treatment or not to have treatment.”

Dr. Van de Vosse completed his residency with the B.C. Rural Program and was practicing medicine in rural communities before settling in Keremeos.

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“I’m drawn to rural medicine where you get to do a little bit of emergency, family, you get to do more procedures and the full scope.”

He and his wife, Tania, love the Similkameen Valley and Okanagan, he added.

“We enjoy the outdoors so camping to off-road dirt biking to fishing so we wanted to live in a rural community to live in,” he said. “It’s a beautiful area and fits the bill.”

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