MP Albas’ private members bill held up by posturing politicians

Ottawa Update NDP delays passage of Bill C311.Free trade in wine remains a crime in Canada


On May 29 in the House of Commons NDP MP’s, many of them from British Columbia, deliberately ran out the clock in debate rather than supporting the effort to send Bill C311 to the Canadian Senate. In doing so the NDP has forced a second hour of debate that would not have occurred until late October, long after the current wine agri-tourism season has expired.  The unreasonable delay tactics would have prevented the BC and Canadian wine industry from being able to implement planned expansions that would create jobs and support our local economies.

“Although it was very fascinating to hear from Burnaby Douglas NDP MP Kennedy Stewart that he recently celebrated his mother’s birthday in Nova Scotia, that he was once a teenage babysitter and that he previously drove a truck, the Okanagan and BC wine industry needed support for the bill and the industry and not filibuster time wasting details of Mr. Stewarts personal life” said Okanagan-Coquihalla MP Dan Albas “Unfortunately using up debate time with these filibuster tactics means that the vote was delayed and could not be held.”  Added Albas “It’s one thing if you are doing this to oppose a Bill but in this case the NDP claimed to be in support of our wine industry and the Bill, it was as disappointing as it was alarming”

After considerable public outcry from all across Canada the NDP today public admitted to have made a “mistake” in delaying passage of the Bill.   Fortunately Federal Liberal MP Scott Brison from the Nova Scotia riding of Kings-Hants has stepped up to save Bill C-311 and offered his private members date of June 6 for the bill to have second hour debate and potentially move on to the Canadian Senate.

Bill C311 An Act to amend the Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act.  will next appear in the House of Commons on the evening of June 6.