Liberal win for Boundary-Similkameen, Liberals win province

Most polls in late Tuesday indicate 44 per cent majority for Christy Clark, while Linda Larson prevails in Boundary- Similkameen

Tuesday night’s results in Boundary-Similkameen:

Sam Hancheroff BC NDP 5,908 39.40%

John Kwasnica Green Party of BC 1,309 8.73%

Linda Margaret Larson BC Liberal Party 6,924 46.18%

Doug Pederson Independent 310 2.07%

Mischa Popoff 543 3.62%

The ballots have been counted in the provincial riding of Boundary – Similkameen, and it appears that Liberal candidate Linda Larson has prevailed, taking 46.1 per cent of the popular vote.

NDP candidate Sam Hancheroff finished second, with 39.4 per cent of the vote.

Green Party candidate John Kwasnica took 1,309 votes and 8.73 per cent of the popular vote.

The two independent candidates took 853 votes and 5.69 per cent of the popular vote.

It appears as though the Green Party candidate split the vote that might otherwise have gone to the NDP.

The riding results might have had a different outcome had Green Party’s Kwasnica not run. Had his votes gone to Hancheroff,  the NDP candidate would have prevailed.

It seems a possibility, given that both parties held similar views about the environment and the national park issue.

The Liberal party, headed by Premier Christy Clark, appears to have won the election, taking 44 per cent of the popular vote, with most polls reporting.