Legion contributions go beyond local matters


Gary Billon attended the Provincial Legion Convention in Penticton running from June 5- 8, and the Keremeos resident came away with newfound respect for what the Legion does, at home and around the world.

Billon was part of a delegation of four that attended the event from the Keremeos branch.

“I learned of programs the Legion sponsored that I never knew about. I was sort of impressed,” Billon said of the legion’s acitvities.

The legion continues to look after Canada’s war vets as armed service personnel serving in Afghanistan return home with various maladies and disorders. The legion has support programs for them and many others the world over.

“I was totally impressed with what the legion does all over the world. I thought, when I joined, that it was just a place to go for a session of b eer drinking,” Billon explained.

The two year member of the Keremeos legion has been a part of the local chapter since moving to Keremeos. He sees an increasing need for members to continue their support for the legion beyond presesnt efforts, because the legion provides so much help and support in other areas.

“If people knew of all the programs that were supported by the Legion, they’d be impressed  –  and they would see the need to help out by doing more than just dropping in for a beer once in a while” he concluded.

June 19- 25 is Legion Week in B.C. The Keremeos branch is planning some special events.