Keremeos Volunteer Fire Department monthly incident summary

Keremeos Volunteer Fire Department monthly incident summary for September

The Keremeos Volunteer Fire Department responded to the following incidents in September :

– one structure fire

– one vehicle fire

– two motor vehicle incidents

– one false alarm

– one brush / grass fire

-four investigation

– one alarm activation

There have been a few instances of unscrupulous salespersons going door to door selling a “Help I’ve fallen and can’t get up” type of product. During the sales pitch he has indicated that he had the endorsement of the Keremeos Fire Department and the fire chief.

Please be asvised, if the Keremeos Volunteer Fire Department was to conduct a door to door campaign, the fire department members would have on fire department apparel and would be accompanied with one of our fire trucks.

During one of the recent wildland fires, someone called local residents and asked for donations to help fund the firefighting efforts. The Keremeos Fire Department does not endorse anyone, or any company, who solicits funds by telephone on our behalf.

Did you know, emergency service volunteers who participate in 200 hours per year of training, being on standby and responding to incidents are eligible for a $3,000 tax credit?

Are you Interested in becoming a member of the Keremeos fire department?

Applications can be picked up at the offices of the Village of Keremeos and the Keremeos Review, or down loaded from the Keremeos fire department website at: