Keremeos’ wastewater treatment plant, seen in 2018. (File)

Keremeos’ wastewater treatment plant, seen in 2018. (File)

Keremeos sani-dump to stay closed for immediate future

The high volume of concentrated waste has overwhelmed the system in recent months

There is currently no estimate for when the Keremeos Sani-Dump will be back open for the public to use.

The facility was closed due to the amount of waste that the connected wastewater treatment plant was being forced to handle.

Unlike much of the conventional sewage that the treatment plant processes, the waste that is dumped through the sani-dump are generally denser and contain more chemicals, and the sani-dump connects directly to the processing plant without time or space for pre-treatment or filtering.

The sani-dump had not been built for the heavy usage it saw in 2021, and the amount and type of waste being dumped put the plant over the capacity it can process in order to maintain safe levels as set by the Ministry of Environment.

Part of the issue is due to groundwater levels during the spring freshet, although there is a capital project planned for 2022 for the village that would help reduce that particular issue.

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Until a solution can be developed and put into place, people who use the sani-dump are advised to use alternative sites instead.

The Darlorn mobile sani-service comes to Keremeos on Fridays and charges $35 for onsite sani-pump by appointment. Appointments can be made by calling 250-495-2255.

Twin Lakes Golf and RV at 79 Twin Lakes Road offers seasonal sani-dumping for $15.

The municipal campground in Princeton at 365 Highway 3 charges $10. Also in Princeton, River’s Edge RV at 305 Sanderson Way charges $5, and Ray’s Spit &

Polish at 295 Culbertson Way charges $8.

Penticton’s Canadian Tire at 960 Railway charges $5 and the 7-11 convenience store at 2903 Skaha Lake Road has no charge.

The Osoyoos Mohawk Gas at 9101 Main Street charges $10, or users can go to the municipal sani-dump at 115th Street for no charge.

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