Keremeos residents will see few changes to postal service

Canada Post unveils Five-point Action Plan to serve Canadians’ new postal needs


Canada Post unveiled plans for a new postal system on December 11.

The new plan will not involve changes to the Canadian Postal Service Charter.

John Hamilton, General Manager for Communications for Canada Post, said December 16 that the  changes, scheduled to begin in the new year, will involve the phasing out, over a five year period,  of door to door delivery in areas that currently have that service.

“Rural community boxes, post office lobby boxes will see no changes in service,” he said, which means Keremeos, Kaleden and Okanangan Falls, will not see their postal services affected.

Hamilton noted that prices were also on their way up as well, with the price of a single stamp rising to $1.

“Stamps purchased in booklets will rise to 85 cents, while metered mail will rise to .75. Direct mail costs will remain the same,” he said.

Hamilton further observed that two thirds of Canadians do not presently have door to door delivery, adding that the corporation was continuing to work towards streamlining processing and labour costs, and opening up retail post offices where necessary.