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Keremeos council agrees to new contract for bylaw enforcement services

Keremeos Village council listened to a presentation of the regional district’s Solid Waste Management Plan, presented by RDOS Solid Waste Coordinator Cameron Baughen at the April 18 council meeting.

Baughen told council that the RDOS took the 15 year old plan and began a review last year.

Presently the village diverts 51 per cent of all solid waste from the landfill through recycling and other methods. Recommendations for future diversion tactics could see as much as 73  per cent of solid waste diverted.

The RDOS would like to see building codes adopt provisions for space for recycling in new developments, particularly multi family. They are also looking at increasing opportunities for recycling amongst the industrial and commercial sectors.

Public consultation for the stage two draft report will take place on May 9 at the Elks Hall. A final committee meeting will follow to make any necessary changes.

Any member of the public who wishes to receive a copy of the solid waste management stage two report draft can get one from the village office or from the RDOS website.

Council adopted the noxious weed control  bylaw in order to increase the requisition limit to continue the level of service beyond 2011 if no provincial government grant funds are made available.

The proposed increase, if levied to its highest limit, would result in an average cost of approximately $1.17 per household.

Council also agreed to enter into a one year contract for bylaw enforcement services with Kevin Aschhoff and Ken Stockman.

A second resolution also appointed Mr. Aschhoff as the Keremeos Bylaw Enforcement Officer. The contract is based on an average 15 hours per week for 52 weeks at an hourly rate of $27.  Hours per week will fluctuate, based on the time of year and subsequent need for services.

Kevin Aschhoff provided bylaw enforcement services to the village through SOS Security Services. When SOS informed the village last year that they could no longer provide service at the then existing rate, the village put out a Request For Proposal.

The tax rates bylaw was given three readings.