Electrical breakdowns plague Keremeos village maintenance

It’s been a bad month for mechanical breakdowns in Keremeos Public Works Department.

The village came under some criticism at the September 4 regular council meeting when the electric starter and timer on the cemetery’s irrigation system failed, resulting in the grounds taking on an unkempt and dry appearance.

It took several days for an electrician to determine the problem, and several more days passed before the part arrived. When the system was turned on again, a broken irrigation valve was discovered. The valve was repaired only to have the electric starter fail again, which required  a new part that once again had to be ordered.

The problems shut down the cemetery’s irrigation system for four weeks.

Maintenance staff installed a new blower at the village’s wastewater treatment plant recently. The blower supplies air to the holding tanks which provide aeration the sewage, which aids in keeping beneficial bacteria alive in order to properly break down the sewage.

The blower motor seized after only six hours of operation, resulting in the unit having to be shipped to Texas for repairs. The motor is completely under warranty and will be returned to the village, repaired, at no cost.

“Whenever we have to order parts from the U.S., there are problems,” CAO Taylor informed  council.