Desjardins on fire in bowling action

Bowling scores from the South Similkameen Recreation Centre leauges

Desjardins on fire in bowling action

This week’s bowling scores of the Similkameen 5-Pin Bowling Association.

The Wednesday Morning Coffee Club: (Wed. Nov. 15)

Ladies’ High: Rita Tracy 219; Mens’: Jim Hammond 214, Sid Cresswell 246, 205 Triple 630

Alley Oops League (Mon. Nov.20)

Ladies’ High: Helen Witter 215 Mens’: Harold DesJardins 237,270 Triple 667, Bruce Crossman 224, 206.

Bowling scores from Mon. Nov.13.

Ladies’ High Scores:

Claire Carleton 250 single, 625, triple; Pam Crossman 212 single; Helen Witter, 202, single.

Mens’ High Scores:

Harold Desjardins, 209, single, 222 single, 629, triple; Henry Jensen 225, single, 209, single; Norm Boucher, 213, single; Tim Austin, 206, single; Bruce Crossman, 229, single.

Wednesday Morning Coffee League:

Ladies: Gail Standberg, 213. Men’s, Ralph Hodge, 205.