Council candidate discusses village issues

The Review sent all Keremeos council candidates a series of questions dealing with local issues.

  • Nov. 9, 2011 5:00 p.m.

Incumbent councillor Charlene Cowling:

1. What are your views with respect to village responsibilities regarding transient farmworkers and their needs?

We will work with the RDOS to find a better location and facility that will meet their needs.

2. What kind of industry (if any) would you work towards attacting to Keremeos?

Light industry, such as cabinet making, furniture manufacturing this type of industry.

3. Do you have any suggestions or initiatives you would like to pursue with respect to improving small business in Keremeos?

See the Chamber of Commerce actively pursue more services for Keremeos such as a veterinarian and perhaps an optician.

4.  Do you have any original thoughts on tax reduction for Keremeos ratepapyers?


I doubt there will be tax reduction, we will work toward increasing taxes only when there is no other option.