Board members oppose 911 emergency infrastructure borrowing bylaw

Regional district board members remain opposed to emergency infrastructure upgrades

Regional district residents weren’t interested in preventing the borrowing of 1.64 million dollars by the regional district for 911 emergency infrastructure upgrades, but several members of the board expressed their displeasure at the July 18 directors board meeting.

“In our view, we’re paying more and getting less,” said Summerland Director Bruce Halquist, “while others are getting the same or better service.

There is no assurance that Summerland will receive the same or better service, so I will be voting against the motion.

The issue will be coming to council table in Summerland to consider our options.”

Emergency Services Coordinator Dale Kronebusch informed the directors that staff was presently developing a terms of reference for project manager, to be discussed with reegional fire chiefs at the upcoming August 10 meeting.

Penticton Councillor John Vassilaki shared Summerland’s concerns.

“Is the new system going to be superior or inferior? The question has never been answered,” he asked.

“It depends on your view,” responded Kronebusch. “It will be more redundant – it’s my belief that it will be a superior system.”

The regional board adopted the Emergency Service Loan authorization bylaw, with directors Vassilaki, Halquist, Perrino and Konanz opposed.