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Beer on the beach may be coming to Kelowna

A staff report is coming to council in the next two weeks
Kelowna council chambers (Black Press file photo)

Enjoying a beer on the beach in Kelowna may be a reality by summer.

Mayor Tom Dyas says a motion coming to council soon was the result of consultation with city staff and the RCMP over the past two weeks.

“There’s been discussion of whether it would be possible to allow individuals to go to the beach and have a drink.”

Dyas adds that staff has been asked to provide council with a report.

“If we did this what would it look like? What beaches would it apply to? What time frames would it apply to?”

The mayor says alcohol would not be allowed at all beaches and parks.

“In speaking with the RCMP, their feeling is it would be beneficial if it wasn’t in City Park. That’s what we’ve gone to staff for.”

The staff report should be in front of council in a couple of weeks, and if bylaws are eventually amended, having a drink on the beach could happen by summer.

“It will also be on a temporary basis,” Dyas says. “To make sure it works for everybody.”

Earlier this month Penticton council unanimously supported a bylaw allowing alcohol consumption at select parks and beaches on Okanagan and Skaha lakes.

“I’ve had some discussions with Mayor Bloomfield (Penticton) and other communities where it has worked and how it’s been received,” Dyas says.

The mayor stresses that bylaw, the RCMP and council all need to agree that it’s a good thing to move forward on.

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