Area “G” Director’s Report

An update on happenings in Electoral Area "G", Olalla, Hedley and rural Keremeos

  • Mar. 26, 2013 7:00 a.m.

February Feral Cat Spay/Neuter in Olalla and Hedley

At the end of February Joni Heinrich, past CAO of Keremeos, came from her new home in Chase to assist the feral cats of the Similkameen, continuing work that she began a few years ago with another Keremeos woman named Betty.

Joni makes arrangements with the caregivers to the feral cats to trap, spay or neuter and tattoo the cats, and usually tries to return the cats to the neighbourhoods she takes them from.  There are a number of reasons for returning wild cats to their colony; primarily if the cats are simply removed, other cats will “move in” and they are usually not sterilized- so the community begins to grow uncontrollably again.

Secondly, Heinrich finds that neutered and spayed cats returned to their “home” areas usually results in a balanced, better behaved cat colony with less fighting, wandering, and spraying.  Often the fixed cats find themselves new homes as they become less aggressive and less prone to feral behaviours.

When possible, Heinrich finds adoptive homes for the cats which are unwanted, but many of the wild cats are great mousers and do some level of community service when they are returned to their old stomping grounds.

The most unfortunate thing for neighbours of feral cat colonies is the unlimited potential for more offspring, and the terrible odour of them marking territory. The loud squealing fights are no fun either.

Please, as responsible pet owners, take the time to spay and neuter your animal so that there are no more unwanted kittens born, and please consider both the lives of the cats and your neighbours before dumping unwanted kittens “in a field” or at the local “cat house”.

Area “G” large item pick up- May 17


Time to start eyeballing your basement or storage shed and deciding what needs to go: is it an old couch or refrigerator that’s been collecting dust or housing feral cats?  Maybe it’s time to roll it to the edge of the highway for large item pick up day. Remember, in the weeks coming up to May 17, there are lots of “shopping” opportunities:  scrounge  what other people are throwing away, just be sure to be driving a truck and have a helper with you- one man’s garbage has limitless possibility as another man’s treasure.