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Wilf Miller ponders

Anecdotal stories from Keremeos resident Wilf Miller

Dear Friernds:

You are sometimes interested in the things I have dug up over a time, so here is something I found in a book by National Geographic called “Indians of the Americas.”

In Central America a farmer dug up what he thought were huge boulders in a circle. On trying to dig them up he found they were huge - 30  foot high stone heads in a circle, and they were very well carved, one is a perfect baby’s head with a tongue and one tooth.

They were buried by eons of time with dust over the ages. This same book says in their diggings in Mexico City, in old Aztec writings that the stone pyramids (square ones) were there when the Aztec people arrived there, and they don’t know who the pyramids were built by. Well - add that to the huge heads on Easter Island on a desert and no one knows anything about them, or for that matter the pyramids of Egypt and their history is unknown. These three civilizations were very brilliant in moving and carving huge pieces of stone that are too large for modern man to move.

Seems to me there are many pieces of excellent stone work in the world no one knows anything about. Some of the art work on these  stones is very brilliant as well.

Any answers?  - Wilf Miller


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