Twenty-one entrants brave this year’s Sear Factor Chili Pepper Contest at Sizzlefest

Saturday’s Similkameen Sizzlefest Results from Keremeos

Sage Sill of Princeton poses for her grandfather

Sage Sill of Princeton poses for her grandfather

Saturday’s Sizzlefest Results:

· In the hot sauce contest, the best green hot sauce went to Sara Harker (Harker’s Organic Fruits); The best Special Variety hot sauce went to Gregory Fuchs (Gregors Gourmet); and the best red went to Cori Richet (Intrigue Sauce Company).

· In the Chili Cook-off, first place went to Riverside RV park; second place went to Shore Farms; and third place went to Intrigue Sauce Company. The best decorated booth prize went to Shore Farms.

A total of 21 brave souls entered the Sear Factor Hot Pepper Eating Contest, but not all of them competed. Four contestants did not stay for the event and another four could not finish the three jalapeno peppers required for a qualified time in the event.

Dan Ragula of Toronto won $100  (first place) with a time of 40.2-seconds.

Second place ($75) went to Luke Vesprey of Keremeos with a time of 48.8-seconds.

Third place ($25) was won by Anthony Klinkera of Vancouver with a time of 51.6-seconds.

The rest of the qualified times were: fourth place-  ­ Sandor Koleszar (Vancouver) 56.9-seconds.

Fifth place -­ Salvador Munoz (Mexico) 58.2-seconds.

Sixth place –  ­ Joshua Mendelsohn (Keremeos) 58.4-seconds.

Seventh place – Gerald Gillies (Olalla) 1:01.4.

Eighth place – Karoly Puskas (Summerland) 1:23.9.

Ninth place –  Nigel Brusch (Penticton) 1:29.5.

Tenth place – ­ Lauren McKay (Toronto) 1:30.0.

Eleventh place – Michael Whittaker (Ghallagher Lake) 1:30.2.

Twelfth place – Bob Lucy (Keremeos) 1:46.7

Thirteenth place – Andrea Mirtoe (Italy) 1:51.9.

A big thanks to all the Sizzlefest volunteers – including the veterans, the new recruits and the students for all the generous assistance given to this event.

The Similkameen Sizzle’s website,, has a video of the winning sear factor contestant eating the peppers.