Trails Get Support

local trails to get improvements

The view at Keremeos Creek on The Similkameen

The view at Keremeos Creek on The Similkameen

Some further right of way improvements may be in the works for Similkameen Trails.

The Ministry of Transportation for the area serviced from Penticton is scouting  out opportunities to improve some selected community  infrastructure using readily available manpower, machinery and materials.

Penticton ministry offices serve the South Okanagan and Similkameen.

On Thursday July 21 Similkameen Trails members gave Provincial highways representatives a tour of the old Burlington Northern rail bed between Becks Road at Rocking Chair Ranch through Keremeos to The Red Bridge.

Ministry of Transportation and Infrsastructure Operations Manager, Jeff Wiseman, and Area Manager for Bridges, Ron Domanko attended.

The visit was arranged with Keremeos Mayor Walter Despot who has worked closely with Similkameen Trails Society since it’s beginnings in 2006.

The Keremeos Village Promenade includes a developed portion of the old Burlington Northern rail bed as well as a walk along the dyke at the Similkameen River.  The village has lately installed irrigation for trees and shrubs placed by volunteers on the rail bed in Keremeos.

The Becks Road to Willis Ranch Road stretch has received recent volunteer attention and is now more passable.  Further improvements there would provide a better route for bicycles and medical assist scooters.

Similkameen Trails Society has worked to keep good contact with landholders along the abandoned rail bed between Red Bridge and Cawston.

The trails group has an eye to developing a circle route from the old rail bed, along Coulthard Road through Kobau Park where a walking bridge at Keremeos Creek can bring the trail back along the river and into Keremeos.


It appears that the best prospect for Transportation Ministry help at this point will be the trail portion from Keremeos Village to the Red Bridge.