School District 53 issues statement regarding report cards

Bev Young, Superintendent of School District No. 53 issued a communication to parents and students in relation to report cards on June24

Bev Young, Superintendent of  School District No. 53 issued the following communication to parents and students in relation to report cards on June24:

Teachers in School District 53 withdrew full services with rotating strike action on June 13 and 16 and with full strike action commencing June 17 until further notice. With regard to final marks and report cards, the Labour Relations Board (LRB) has deemed some areas as essential such as grade 10-11 final grades as well as final grades and report cards for grade 12 students. The LRB has not ruled that final grades or report cards for students in Kindergarten to grade nine as essential; however, some elementary schools had the completion of report cards due before the full strike began and have that information to share with parents. Other schools did not and teachers do not have to submit that information at this time. A summary of what parents can expect is below:

Elementary Report Cards: Some schools had report cards submitted into the office prior to the strike and in some cases principals and vice-principals had teaching duties. In other schools, report cards were due during the week of June 16 and were unable to alter those timelines due to the abrupt ending to the school year on June 12. As a result some parents may be receiving elementary report cards from some schools.

Grades 8-11 Report Cards: Report cards will not be issued for students in grades 8-11 at this time. As part of a recent LRB order, teachers are confirming final grades for students in grades 10 and 11 only and these will be sent to the ministry by July 11.

Grade 12 Report Cards: The Labour Relations Board ruled that final marks and report cards for students in grade 12 be essential. As a result teachers submitted final marks for grade 12 students and those students will be receiving a report card in the mail by the first week of July.

If you have any questions specific to your school or child, please contact the school principal. As matters develop, we will provide further information through local media, our website at and through school websites and social media.

We regret the issues and disruption that this labour dispute may be causing students and families. It is the sincere hope of the Board of Education that this dispute will be resolved soon.

Bev Young, Superintendent of Schools


School District No. 53 (Okanagan Similkameen)