Museum society news

The Museum Society would like to invite the public to an afternoon social where they can bring their family photos of the Similkameen Valley and share stories of the “old days.”  Tea and coffee will be served in a relaxed environment where you can meet old friends and maybe make new ones. Along with the refreshments there will be gift basket tickets for sale and a 50/50 draw to round out the day.

Some of our rich heritage has already been preserved and it is worth keeping these memories for future generations. Many of the original families that settled this valley still have descendents living here. Hopefully we will have many of them attending and  you can learn of their family’s successes, failures, joys and sorrows, as well as how they built the foundation for today’s community.

Perhaps you are new to this area and don’t know the history of our valley. Did you know that there have been three different sites where Keremeos village was located? Learn where they were and why they moved. Come and hear interesting stories and get to know new people.

This social afternoon is hosted by the South Similkameen Museum Society which has been in existence since 1973. The society is rich in friends and family spending time together; in fact, we have two sets of mother and daughter members and a few husband wife teams that enjoy the cameraderie of working together.

Many dedicated members have given a great deal of time and energy to help preserve the past. They share a passionate interest in our history,  but often end up working and miss out on the sharing and socializing. Certainly, they deserve a day to relax and share their memories and knowledge.

Help us make this day a success for all by coming out to join us on Saturday, March 19 at the Anglican Church on the corner of Fifth Street and Sixth Avenue from 2 p.m. unitl 4 p.m.

For more information please call Judy Chisholm at 250-499-2883.

Submitted by the South Similkameen Historical Society