Labour Celebrated at Keremeos Grist Mill September 1

Labour Day is special at the old grist mill in Keremeos. It’s a half price admission day too.


Labour Day is special at the old grist mill in Keremeos.  It’s a half price admission day too.

The Grist Mill and Gardens Provincial Historic Site is a unique place to celebrate the combination of hard work, ingenuity and co-operation that are the story of labour here and around the world.

From traditional through to present day,  labour is the  heart, brains and muscle that bring use and delight to things we see all about us every day.

The labor of the sculpter, the painter, carver and joiner, the weaver and tanner, the tinker, the knitter are celebrated at The Grist Mill on Labour Day.

For show, for sale, for trade or  to share by demonstration, crafters and workers can and arrange to set up an awning, table and stools on Grist Mill lawns and walkways.

Musicians with traditional ballads will remind visitors of the struggles for the dignity of labor from pioneer times and through the past century.

The Tea Room is open daily for luncheons.

Inquiries about participation in Labour Day at The Grist Mill  are welcome

at 250-499-2888.

The Grist Mill Heritage Club contact is 250-499-5417.

The Grist Mill website is at