Manhole cover for sewer, sewage. (Pixabay)

Manhole cover for sewer, sewage. (Pixabay)

Keremeos to address manhole issues in 2022

10 of the worst manholes will be repaired for certain this year

Regardless of whether the village receives grant funding, repairs to some of the community’s worst manholes will be done in 2022.

A portion of the village’s $104,000 commitment was granted early approval at their Feb. 22’s council meeting.

The $390,000 grant, which was applied for after council approval on Jan. 17, would see the repair or replacement of at least 25 manholes, and 12 sections of leaking PVC pipe along with other repairs.

The community has around 120 manholes in total, with a core of about 30 that have suffered more significant wear due to a variety of reasons including their location at high groundwater areas and a lack of major repairs since their installation in the 1980s.

An engineering firm had conducted a review of the manholes for the village and highlighted some of the most needed points to repair.

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The village’s commitment, a requirement of the grant, would cover the repairs for at least 10 of the worst-off manholes.

The manholes will be looked at individually to determine whether they can be repaired from the inside for less cost than removing the manhole and resealing them once they are out of the ground.

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