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Expansion of Kaleden fire hall continues through 1990’s

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Kaleden Fire Department



Property for the Kaleden fire hall on Lakehill Road was purchased from resident Fred King for $6,000. The site was chosen because it made response time from the top of Lakehill much faster. Some work was contracted in the building of the firehall; as much work as could be done was performed using volunteer labour.

The building was complete enough for the trucks to be moved in on Oct. 25, 1972.

No provisions had been made at the time for meeting quarters, so a loft was eventually constructed at the back end of the fire hall. The loft remains in use as office space to this day.

Expansion in 1978 added a third bay to the hall at a cost of $12,000, with funds coming from the equipment budget and a loan from the RDOS. The roof of this bay was designed to support a second storey.

Additions to personnel, equipment and the constant need to train necessitated the construction of a larger meeting room, to be attached to the back of the existing building. In the fall of 1981, a 1,000 square foot room was built from firefighters’ fund raising efforts and volunteer labour.

The need to maintain hundreds of feet of fire hose necessitated the construction of the hose tower in 1982.Marchant Construction was hired for that task.

In 1991, the addition of a water tender to the department added a fourth truck to the fire hall’s rolling stock. Another full length bay was constructed in 1992, and the last hall construction project took place in 1996, when office space in the loft of bay one was expanded.