It’s more than a workout, it’s about community

It’s more than a workout, it’s about community

SpinCo in Kelowna claims their exercises classes are more about fun and friends

Now that fall is officially here and snow is already making its presence known, it might be time to move your outdoor activities inside.

SpinCo is enticing everyone from students, to seniors, to new-comers in Kelowna, to try exercising indoors under the lights of a disco ball.

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Instructor Nicole Cooper says a spin class is a full-body workout that takes just 50 minutes and is taught under low lights to provide a non-invasive atmosphere.

“The beats are high, the lights are low, it’s basically a party on a bike,” she jokes.

According to Cooper, SpinCo is about more than just working out, she says it’s about building a sense of community.

“It’s not about coming and working out by yourself and leaving,” she explains.”You get to know all your other riders, and most of all it’s fun, what is the point of working out if it’s not fun.”

As a new resident to Kelowna, Cooper came to SpinCo not just for the workout but also to meet new people.

She encourages anyone who is looking to try something new, or who is letting the rainy weather get in the way of their exercise routine, to jump on a bike.

“In the winter you can come in here, the lights are low, so it can be 7 a.m. or 9 p.m. and it’s the same class,” she says. “Rather than having to worry about being outside, you’re on a stationary bike getting that same workout but indoors.”

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Stationary bikes can be adjusted for each individual to suit their workout, and are low impact for those with senstive jont issues.

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