Penticton’s Christopher Blaine rocks the park Saturday during the 16th annual Penticton Pacific Northwest Elvis Festival. Blaine was competing in the non professional category where he previously finished second. Mark Brett/Western News

Video: Elvis rockin’ on Okanagan time

There was more than just the sun heating up Penticton this weekend

Penticton’s Christopher Blaine is the local boy who made good.

The non-professional tribute artist performed on stage Saturday for the second time at the 16th annual Penticton Pacific Northwest Elvis Festival at Okanagan Lake Park.

“Elvis? Elvis why not, Elvis had so many great things about him he’s just awe-inspiring, somebody out there has to have loved some kind of Elvis song sometime and sang it in the shower or in the car,” said Blaine Saturday. “What’s not to love.”

Four years ago he came to an Elvis Festival, loved the vibe and has enjoyed it ever since, even finishing second in his category.

“Penticton’s the best city to be in, greatest fans in the world,” said Blaine. “We’re here for the fans that’s what makes it all. If it wasn’t for them this wouldn’t be happening.”

The youngest tribute artist at the festival is 15-year-old Jaedyn Pilon, of Edmonton, Alta. whose still using make up for sideburns

“My friends think it’s kind of weird to be dressing up as a dead guy so to speak,” said Pilon, whose energetic and Elvis-like contortions and dance moves had the crowd rockin’. “I got into it because I originally wanted to form a Beatles tribute band but my dad said it’s a lot easier to be one guy like Elvis or Buddy Holly than it is to find three other guys with the passion and commitment that I have.”

The festival continues Saturday night with the headliners show at the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre and Sunday morning with the gospel show at Okanagan Lake Park and the finals in the afternoon at the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre.