Rescue crews prepare to escort a group of stranded travellers on the Lougheed Highway near Agassiz (Photo/Vancouver Fire Rescue Services)

VIDEO: CFB Comox 442 Squadron recaps B.C. flood rescue mission

The Royal Canadian Air Force has released a video interview with warrant officer Matt Davidson, deputy search and rescue technicians leader, recapping 442 Squadron’s role in the rescue of hundreds of stranded residents during the devastating Nov. 15 flood and landslides in British Columbia.

“On Nov. 15, it was a normal Monday morning; we were getting the standby crew ready to leave for a training day, and then we were launched on a suspected landslide in the Agassiz area,” said Davidson.

442 Squadron sent helicopters and personnel to the site, to assist local ground search and rescue teams in the mission.

A total of 311 people were removed from the site and transported to the Agricultural Centre in Agassiz.

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