Kyokushin; The Ultimate Reality

A discussion about the virtues of Kyokushin Karate in Keremeos

The Keremeos Kyukoshin Karate Club trains every Wednesday at 5 p.m

The Keremeos Kyukoshin Karate Club trains every Wednesday at 5 p.m

A combination of many styles of martial arts, created by Masutatsu Oyama. A style that seeks to strengthen the bond between body and soul, through physical and mental exertion. Kyokushin focuses on the practicality of martial arts; if it doesn’t work, it’s probably not Kyokushin.

Which also reminds me to say, Kyokushin is famous (Or infamous depending on how you look at it) for its “rough” aspect. Kyokushin is a full contact martial art; focusing on as much power as possible in every technique. Members, such as my young self, are encouraged to participate in any local tournament. Not only to show support for the organization as a whole, but to put technique practiced in a more controlled environment, and put it into practical application in a “Safe” environment.


Despite how rough Kyokushin may get, it is part of how we learn. From personal experience, Kyokushin instills from three main tactics:

practical application (fighting/tournaments), repetition, and mental stimulation. I’m not talking about learning a single move, although that is part of it, but learning to make it all come together. It’s about making Kyokushin and your body work for you.

The Keremeos Kyokushin Karate Club trains every Wednesday at 5 p.m., upstairs at the Keremeos Legion. The club would like to express their appreciation to the Legion for their ongoing support.


Individuals, families, and kids over seven years old are welcome to drop by and try a class!



Contributed by Alex Rousseau