Polar bear dip in Cawston attracts handful

Twenty years ago there was a New Year's swim in the Similkameen

Twenty years ago, a crowd of approximately 25 people  gathered along the bank of the  Similkameen River in Cawston to witness four intrepid souls take a polar bear swim in the icy river.

Bob Wallace and his 11 year old grandson took the plunge in water temperature sitting at minus one degreee Celsius on January 1, 1994. Radio commentator Dennis Walker and former Keremeos Mayor J.C. Stanart also took a quick dip in the icy waters.

Polar bear swims were routine for Bob Wallace, who had been doing it every year except for two years, since 1962. It was his grandson’s second time.


– From the Gazette of the Similkameen, January 5, 1994