Winter weary residents dig out again

Keremeos was hit with another eight to 10 centimetres of snow Monday night

Residents of Keremeos were seen wearily digging their way out of last night’s snowfall – in preparation for another four to six centimetres predicted for tonight.

Keremeos and the eastern portion of  the Similkameen was hit with between eight and ten centimetres of snow Monday afternoon and evening, when the South Okanagan only saw a trace of the white stuff.

Lower Similkameen streets and highways were slushy and compact snow covered this afternoon. Keremeos’ residential streets are extremely slippery underfoot, as the snow got soft and compacted under the weight of traffic.

Awnings in the downtown core shedded copious amounts of snow as temperatures warmed this morning. A few of the more fragile coverings in the village have already collapsed under the weight of the increasingly wet snow.

Temperatures are expected to moderate over the next few days, but don’t count on the weatherman to be right – it’s been a long month of unpredicted winter like weather in the valley, and there doesn’t seem to be any reason why that should change anytime soon.